The Santanic Verses chapter 1

“Is that jingle bells overhead?”
Jesus tossed Linda a cheese straw, it bounced off her wine glass and split into two.
“Thanks.” she picked it up and started gnawing.
Jumping up Jesus made his way towards the window and poked his nose between the heavy velvet curtains. “Oow… where is he? He’s late!”
“Give him a chance he does work hard,” came the reply.
“I know he does for christsakes! He works hard, bloody hard….for one night a year!”
“You telling me he’s got that beer gut from mince pies?”
“That’s booze, hard drinking, the guys got a serious drink problem, i’ve told him myself. You’ve got to slow it down Nick… i told him.. You’re not immortal you know!”
Jesus realised what he had said and relaxed “I just care about him that’s all.”
Linda took another bite, “I know you do.” Shards of cheesestraw spayed across the table. A frail old woman shuffled into the room, in her hands was a round steel tray. It took her forever to reach the table, like watching Houdini cross Niagra falls on a tightrope step by step. Linda and Jesus were spellbound, the tension was unbearable, their eyes transfixed to the two large cups of mulled wine clinking together. “Phew… the eagle has landed!”, Jesus clenched the handle and took a large slurp.
“Thank you mother Theresa, may god bless you.” Linda smiled kindly and caressed her walnut-like cheek.
“Yeah. er..” Jesus burped “Bless you mother.”
“A Happy and holy birthday to you Jesus… any sign of the wanderer?”
“His phone is switched off…..last seen over Croydon.” Jesus informed her.
“Lets hope he’s not too long, the duck is beginning to crisp up.” whispered Theresa and shuffled slowly back to the kitchen. “Ahhh yes.. the aroma is most arousing to the holy spirit. Lets hope fatty makes it!”………..


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Stalk of the town

“The donut shop was open 24hrs. I’d been awake thirty when my watch stopped. I knew it was late – outside it was night again. She had to be starting her shift soon. I was really hungry…”

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Towbar Twilight

The sun pulled the highway beneath me, while the horizon sucked my
headlamps forward.
All day they battled then the sun weakened.
I had no time to rest, to stop, or to think… I knew i wasn’t going
back though, not for a long time.
Just keep movin fast and far… until the only memories were rubber
on road again.
Further and further…..
I shot a glance into the rear view mirror and changed lanes with a
flick of the wrist.
It took a second to register, wiping the sweat from my eyes I glanced
again, and then again…
fix stared and open mouthed i felt my heart rip from my shirt!
“The caravan….. it …it was gone!”

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The Hustler

I guess we pulled maybe 25 to 30 jobs together in 5 states in a little over 6 months. Mostly liquor stores and the occasional gas station, always at night when the crowds were down and the take was good.
Last time i saw her she kissed me softly goodnight in a motel six, 4 miles north of Brownsville.Texas.. I woke up with half a bottle of vodka and a bad tattoo.
The corvette keys , my boots and the $50,000 bucks were gone…

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Ring around the moon

Maintenance engineer Ted Clifford is struck by an energy beam which transforms his brain into a computer relay station for an alien probe which captures the Moon within an energy ring. When Clifford’s mind burns out, the probe seeks a new relay and a medical mission on the lunar surface provides it with the opportunity to capture Dr. Helena Russell. She later returns to Alpha, apparantly unharmed, but is revealed to be relaying information from the Alpha computer through an energy implant in her brain. In an attempt to free Helena from the probe’s control before she suffers the same fate as Clifford, Koenig and Carter board the probe and discover that the computerised device is on a pre-programmed mission to destroy the human race!

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